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90                                            I'LORA   TNDICA.
been to break down tbis system, both by precept and exam-
ple, and we consequently find bis work unique as regards
the value of the notices it contains on the geographical dis-
tribution of the plants of North-west India; and it is with
regret that we see the information he has lavishly given too
frequently so distorted in subsequent systematic works, that
we have to refer to the original to arrive at the truth. This
is certainly from < no want of accuracy in Dr. Royle's work,
or in appreciation of details, but in some measure to a due
prominence not being given to a classified arrangement of the*
provinces of so extensive and varied a country, and the adop-
tion of such a nomenclature as could be referred to, indepen-
dently of the other information with which the 'geographical
matter is at present embodied in his writings.
In the scheme we are. about to propose, we shall keep the
natural divisions (botanical provinces) as large as is consis-
tent with our objects; and in selecting names for them, shall
endeavour to choose such as are already familiar to persons
conversant with the outlines of Indian geography, studiously
avoiding the introduction of any that have not a broader
claim to be known and used than mere botanical conveni-
ence, Under the description of each province we shall endea-
vour to communicate as much definite trustworthy informa-
tion as we can embody, regarding its elevation, the nature
of its surface, its climate, ete.; this we have chiefly gleaned
from various periodicals and travels, Government reports, and
other sources of information, which have come uuder our
notice*. In order, however, to avoid much repetition in our
descriptions of these provinces, it is necessary to preface our
account of them with some general remarks on the geogra-
phical distribution of Indian plants,
C. General Revnafk3 on th$ Vegetation of Inditt.
Before proceeding to describe the physical features, eta., of
thr provinces, we shall give a very short and comprehensive